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The myDexChain project earns activists who strive to spread the project to more people with award coins. So how does the system work? READ MORE

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Award-winning international cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit has announced that it will be exhibiting DexChain in the coming days. What important point is missing when discussing the value of this news? READ MORE

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Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology is a secure technology protocol that enables direct exchange of data between two people without the need for an intermediary. The parties on the network perform transactions anonymously (transparently) with encrypted identities. Each transaction is added to a transaction chain that cannot be changed and distributed to all users on the network.

Blockchain, in computer terminology, refers to an ever-growing transaction ledger held by blocks linked to ona another as a chain. The store where these blocks, which are connected to each other as peer-to-peer, where transaction records are kept, is named as digital ledger.

Blockchain does not have a center. All data is stored in an encrypted form on independent computers called nodes. What does this mean? The computer that stores a copy of the data cannot read this data. The data can only be read by its owner if they have valid passwords. This is what makes blockchain powerful. It eliminates third parties such as banks, notary publics etc.

Blockchain can be used not only in the cryptocurrency field, but wherever data is available. Technologically and sociologically, blockchain is defined  as the most important invention since the invention of the internet.

After the introduction of blockchain into our lives with Bitcoin, Ethereum was created in order to develop the blockchain further and to use it in wider areas. Ethereum, which may be defined as a crypto operating system, allows users to develop new software via the blockchain. This feature also includes the generation of altcoins.

It aims to prevent the biggest problem of our day, which is still in the shadows, that is the fear of who uses our personal data via internet (social media, shopping sites, banks) , and for what purpose. With Ethereum, data is stored at different points in a distributed way and anonymously. Third party cannot access these data in any way.

Etherum's cryptocurrency is Ether. Payment fees of any transaction performed with Ehereum are also provided with ether. 

ERC-20 can be defined as a protocol or laws that must be followed in order to create coins on Ethereum. Whether it is an altcoin or a blockchain software, if it will run on ERC-20, it should use protocols and rules set forth with ERC-20.

There are areas where Ethereum, which emerged for the solution and further development of Bitcoin's observed or possible problems in the future, does not respond to the search for blockchain of the masses. The rapid development of technology concerns the blockchain closely, and the search for a faster, more environmentally friendly, reliable blockchain continues.

XMD started its life as a token created using ERC-20. With the improvements made, the idea of having its own blockchain infrastructure, which is the biggest ideal of the project, started to be fulfilled day by day. In recent months, XMD left the ERC-20 infrastructure and started operating on its own blockchain infrastructure, myDexChain. 

MyDexChain continues in its own way with version 1.6 today. The goal is to become a proven blockchain by upgrading to version 2.0 before 2021. As in Ethereum, MyDexChain not only provides elements such as altcoin, smart contract, distributed structure but also its main stance is based on the blockchain infrastructure developed for commercial integration. 

XMD will be used as a fee in the transactions of altcoins developed on myDexChain, which emphasizes the transaction speed with the motto of transaction at lightning speed. MyDexChain continues to be recognized and used by a wider audience.